Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Put Down The PBR

What is it with young gay guys trying to force themselves into the hetero hipster box? Maybe it's coincidence but half a dozen times this past week I've seen young guys in 'that' category (and no, not just the look, and certainly not saying hipsters are gay but you know right?) making reference to their girlfriend or wife or future wife and kids... I swear it drives me nuts! 

I might not always be the best judge of character and lord knows I'm not always the best judge of fashion but when it comes to spotting he 'mos my gaydar is a razor-tuned instrument worthy of Pentagon study. Can spot them from MILES away -- not despite their best efforts to hide, but often more quickly because of their efforts to hide it.

Latest case was stumbling upon +Michael Angelakos, lead singer for the group +Passion Pit  on a video recorded from their recent +Saturday Night Live appearance. Dude makes at least two references to his "wife" and I don't get the feeling he's just covering what somebody else wrote... but c'mon Mike, we're on the brink of 2013. It's OKAY to be yourself. As a side benefit, you might be able to scale back on the therapy or meds... just sayin'... 

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