Monday, December 17, 2012

Gadget of the Year

After seeing the new +Beats by Dre bluetooth headphones advertised on a home shopping channel for almost 300 bucks, I figured I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a MUCH lower-priced alternative.

Last month after scouring the interwebs (yeah okay, amazon and ebay) for anything similar for under a Benjamin, I took a shot and ordered Arctic Cooling's bluetooth headset from a private seller on ebay. Either I was going to learn a relatively inexpensive lesson on "cheap technology alternatives" or I was buying the possibility of listening to MP3s from my phone without being tangled up with a cord. After receiving the new headset, it took all of two minutes to skim the instructions and see how to pair the device with my (Android-based) phone, and a few hours leaving it connected to my PC's USB port to charge up.

Lo and behold, it worked -- and not just worked, but it worked beautifully! The sound was rich and deep, the controls easy to use, and I realized after using it for nearly 9 hours straight, a single full charge might actually outlast the charge on the phone itself. And when a new call is incoming, the music automatically pauses and the headset's built-in microphone allows me to answer the call with a simple tap.

Best of all I paid an incredible $27.

I just checked +eBay and you can get one right now for 25.99, with free expedited shipping for the holiday.

New Arctic Cooling P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

You're welcome. And Merry Xmas.

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